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恋愛ゲーム、ですよね?by 雪屋なぎ

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9233bx/

English (Self-translated) Title: This is a romance game. right?



The problem of the whole story is how Kannon solves and overcomes her past, and how her friends help her overcome her past

Spoiler alert. The following is a reflection of what I thought about the story:

Questions within the story:

  • Why did Tsukasa’s personality change so much!! The personality change is slightly (or maybe not) unusual from the Oresama position to a person that hides behind girls……
  • What happened to her 痴漢変態ホイホイ magnet? It was said to be because of Eriguchi Souta (江里口奏太), but why would he have a reason to make Kannon so attracted to perverts???

Unsolved questions within the story:

  1. Who is Akechi-kun (明智くん)?
    1. Most probably Kaidou Kazuma (海堂一真) at this point of the story. Reasoning is because he is strong (carried Kannon without trouble to the car on the first day of high school), Ordered Takane (高嶺総真) to protect Uruma Nanami (宇留間七海) because it was predicted that she would be kidnapped. Akechi also adapted a habit of cooking (the 111 balanced recipe) and it was hinted by Amagase Tsukasa (天ヶ瀬司) that Kazuma’s cooking skills are top notch. Kazuma is also labelled by his driver as a superhuman, where Akechi was as well. Akechi also had a family situation regarding inheritance, which would be kind of weird for Takane to have.
    2. Problem is why Kazuma was injured even though he seems so strong, and why is his personality different to a certain point.
    3. Akechi-kun looks like Takane to an abnormal point. My guess is that Kazuma was pretending to be Takane as he named himself as Kazuma. Takane has an abnormal devotion to Kazuma and so I guess its hard for him to fall so hard for Kannon. But when I imagine the possibility of Akechi being Kazuma, then putting Takane and Akechi side by side, their personality clashes too much.
    4. Problem here would be why Takane received memory loss.
    5. Essential question is what Akechi transact with all of his memory in stake for Kannon
  2. Narumi erased Kaname’s message (Basically rant about Kaname 要)
    1. Kinda annoyed at her at this point for that, but also looking forward to what Kaname would do when he finds out
    2. Kaname’s position here is kinda vague because he wants to protect Kannon, and he kinda wants to continue Soccer as well, but it might be just because he didn’t want to change other people’s future too much just because of Kannon as it is her wish.
    3. Kaname knows that her memory is coming back to her, because of Kannon’s weird imagination of Nanami (lol S&M)
  3. Himuro’s Weird Attitude
    1. He said that he might like Kannon, and was unsure or maybe sure (Basically really weird because his position just unsure)

男子の為の 男子による 男子のクラブ

  • Side Story Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3133cp/
  • K-kun is obviously Kazuma
  • 桂 (Katsura)’s the captain of the Boys club
  • Boys club teaches people about how to approach girls