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ヒロイン様にフラグが立たないその理由 by 逢月

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Bullet Point Summary:

  1. There are 2 characters (MC) who reincarnated into the Otome world. Female MC = Lilia; Male MC = Lancelot
  2. Both MC’s point of view are told simultaneously, once each

First Arc: ランスロット・オルトランド

The MCs meet when Lilia’s dad finds Lance’s mom fainted in the forest, and due to ‘fate’ both parents get together, where Lilia & Lance understand that they both reincarnated through thinking about what to cook in the Hotpot, where ‘Udon’, ‘Soysauce’ and ‘Miso’ pops up. Supposedly, the mother dies due to sickness & Maso (魔素/Magical Element) overdose (because it invades the body), the father dies protecting the family from magical beasts & Maso, and Lilia is near death due to Maso but is saved by Lance’s actual father (Duke) who brings and Elixir for her to drink, bringing Lance back home to take the place as the next Duke, where Lilia is adopted because she has high magical powers. ——-tbc

Second Arc: レゼ・F・エクアシス

Third Arc: アルヴァン・グランドベルグ(Incomplete)


ヤンデレ系乙女ゲーの世界に転生してしまったようです by 花木もみじ


Title (English): It seems like I reincarnated in a Yandere Otome game world


Lycoris from young had a adult mindset with a strange sense of deja vu. One day, as Lycoris hears about her fiancee from her father, she suddenly recalls his name as a character in an otome game she played in her previous life. “I am the game’s heroine’s rival position? One who’s killed in a Bad Ending type girl? Your kidding!” The MC works hard to avoid the Yandere happenings around her.

Thoughts about the series (With Spoilers):

I am impressed that this series did not turn into a reverse harem with everyone absolutely adoring the Main Character even with her position as a rival character in the game. She was not seriously oblivious about her feelings for her love, and banzai that she didn’t have awkward flings with other conquerable characters. (She was liked by the other game characters but not to the point that it was love love so all was fine. Friends are important after all yay)

The MC, using her previous knowledge which was fragmented and not all knowing, saved her fiancee and her brother from having a broken childhood causing their minds to be corrupted (therefore a yandere otome game).

  • Wolf was traumatized because he was fed with poison which was cooked by his potential future stepmother which did not go well (In the game the stepmother married his father) and therefore he was a woman hater
  • Shade was traumatized because his father and basically the whole family revered the “red of radiata” (Radiata is the family name of Shade and Lycolis) because people with red hair and eyes usually held great magic power, and Shade had red eyes. His father revered it so much that he went insane where one night he goes to Shade and says “give me your eyes” which is rather traumatizing if said to a 10 year old child really.

At the buildup to the climax of the story, the MC and her fiancee had a serious mental breakdown due to a magic that causes nightmares every time they sleep. It was intense understanding that even though it was a dream it causes serious delusion and misunderstandings between what is real and what is fake. The cure was rather cliche I must admit – When Lycoris told Shade that “Love” was all it needed, though it was interesting that there were brotherly love, fatherly love and love love included, well basically all types of love which would work – But overall the buildup was great since the MC was also unsure about her current life and what happened within the game.

Finally the whole ‘reincarnation’ theme had a solid solution, with Oria having the magic power to know “Possibilities” of what may happen which was written in a book which the MC reads, where Lilyum and Wolfgang’s story being exactly the same as the game she played (Other stories included Altered x Lycolis and Lycolis x Lilyum his imagination is needed and precious in the current character shipping world!). The MC describes words like “Yandere”, “PC Game”, “Otome Game”, “Multiple Choices” (basically words in relation to otome games and how it works, where Oria was very intrigued. Oria then wishes to be reincarnated into a world where such mechanisms exist so he can create such a game, and Lycoris realizes that most probably Oria did reincarnate and made the game that she knew to be a Yandere Game (Which was also what caused all her problems).

It was a really nice read understanding the growth period of the MC. Sadly Wolf x Lycolis ending development wasn’t much (Hilarious that the author wrote side stories where the MC complains about not even having her first kiss) but all is well 😀