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Link: http://mfz.karou.jp/k/kingtop.html

Summary: Ritsu was transported to another world. Not understanding the language of the people around her. She is insecure, having suddenly thrown into a world without knowing anything, and literally not know anything even if she tries. Not to mention, before she understands their language, she is already married to the Prince of this country, and still does not know it herself. But Ritsu tries not to show her insecurities, and along with her original personality, she is very active, without stressing herself too much she also slowly grasps their language. (With obvious misunderstandings and obstacles.) On the other side, the prince is in a great dilema of teaching his child-like wife how to speak, with attempts to communicate, and bond like husband and wife should.

Unfortunately, this story is still on hold, left alone since half a year ago. It is a fun, comedic, romance story, but further adventures will have to wait :/


三年目のイリス by 現地 晶

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2690m/


The beginning of the story was very interesting. The MC Iris was brought to the Harem in the Palace even though she was really ugly. However after 2 year, and if the King does not visit her room once then she is allowed to go home. On the last day before her departure, she accidentally breaks the rules by going out of the room during non-permitted hours, and meets the king. The king on that night visits her room, and then realizes after the king goes into her room she has to wait for at least 1 year before she can go home again.

After the king visits Iris’ room trouble happens. She gets harassed because the king visits her room by other girls, and the king for some reason was interested in her and visits her room frequently after that night. You know where this is going.

The beginning was really interesting because the harassment does not get to Iris and her friend/maid, and Iris keeps on arguing with the King that she wants to go home so don’t visit my room! But then afterwards the King gets really possessive and lies to her brother that Iris wants to be her queen and stay with him so Iris’ brother would create a destructive weapon to concur more lands, now THAT gave me a sour taste. I stopped at chapter 50 (well I was just skim reading after that bit anyway), and jumped straight to the end. Iris and her friends planned a coup d’etat and assassination attempt for the king so then she can go home, but that fails and she just succumbs to the king and becomes Queen.

I read some of the reviews on syosetsu.com, and apparently the ending is supposed to be a happy ending (written by the author). IDK how to approach to that though it wasn’t as happy as I wanted or imagined it to be so that was a let down. But letting that go, I was really satisfied with the beginning of the story so ah well hahaha.