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二度目の天使の幸福 by 右枝

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2032ck/



「ルイトベルトさん天使! 天使族じゃなくて天使!」


Summary: A girl woke up as a baby with memories from her past life (though nothing was mentioned within the story about it). Within 30 seconds she was deemed useless and left alone by her father. 3 days later her father came back and realized she was still alive thanks to her healing powers, which were uncommonly seen, and brought her to a house, but well apparently due to the natural nature of the angel clan, being uncaring, she convinced herself that her past experience is there so she can at least stay alive. In a flash, 30 years past, and she found a baby that was thrown away. Remembering her own experience, she decides to raise him up with love, hiding him from the ruthless truth of being born from the angel clan.