二度目の天使の幸福 by 右枝

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2032ck/



「ルイトベルトさん天使! 天使族じゃなくて天使!」


Summary: A girl woke up as a baby with memories from her past life (though nothing was mentioned within the story about it). Within 30 seconds she was deemed useless and left alone by her father. 3 days later her father came back and realized she was still alive thanks to her healing powers, which were uncommonly seen, and brought her to a house, but well apparently due to the natural nature of the angel clan, being uncaring, she convinced herself that her past experience is there so she can at least stay alive. In a flash, 30 years past, and she found a baby that was thrown away. Remembering her own experience, she decides to raise him up with love, hiding him from the ruthless truth of being born from the angel clan.


Link: http://mfz.karou.jp/k/kingtop.html

Summary: Ritsu was transported to another world. Not understanding the language of the people around her. She is insecure, having suddenly thrown into a world without knowing anything, and literally not know anything even if she tries. Not to mention, before she understands their language, she is already married to the Prince of this country, and still does not know it herself. But Ritsu tries not to show her insecurities, and along with her original personality, she is very active, without stressing herself too much she also slowly grasps their language. (With obvious misunderstandings and obstacles.) On the other side, the prince is in a great dilema of teaching his child-like wife how to speak, with attempts to communicate, and bond like husband and wife should.

Unfortunately, this story is still on hold, left alone since half a year ago. It is a fun, comedic, romance story, but further adventures will have to wait :/

恋愛ゲーム、ですよね?by 雪屋なぎ

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9233bx/

English (Self-translated) Title: This is a romance game. right?



The problem of the whole story is how Kannon solves and overcomes her past, and how her friends help her overcome her past

Spoiler alert. The following is a reflection of what I thought about the story:

Questions within the story:

  • Why did Tsukasa’s personality change so much!! The personality change is slightly (or maybe not) unusual from the Oresama position to a person that hides behind girls……
  • What happened to her 痴漢変態ホイホイ magnet? It was said to be because of Eriguchi Souta (江里口奏太), but why would he have a reason to make Kannon so attracted to perverts???

Unsolved questions within the story:

  1. Who is Akechi-kun (明智くん)?
    1. Most probably Kaidou Kazuma (海堂一真) at this point of the story. Reasoning is because he is strong (carried Kannon without trouble to the car on the first day of high school), Ordered Takane (高嶺総真) to protect Uruma Nanami (宇留間七海) because it was predicted that she would be kidnapped. Akechi also adapted a habit of cooking (the 111 balanced recipe) and it was hinted by Amagase Tsukasa (天ヶ瀬司) that Kazuma’s cooking skills are top notch. Kazuma is also labelled by his driver as a superhuman, where Akechi was as well. Akechi also had a family situation regarding inheritance, which would be kind of weird for Takane to have.
    2. Problem is why Kazuma was injured even though he seems so strong, and why is his personality different to a certain point.
    3. Akechi-kun looks like Takane to an abnormal point. My guess is that Kazuma was pretending to be Takane as he named himself as Kazuma. Takane has an abnormal devotion to Kazuma and so I guess its hard for him to fall so hard for Kannon. But when I imagine the possibility of Akechi being Kazuma, then putting Takane and Akechi side by side, their personality clashes too much.
    4. Problem here would be why Takane received memory loss.
    5. Essential question is what Akechi transact with all of his memory in stake for Kannon
  2. Narumi erased Kaname’s message (Basically rant about Kaname 要)
    1. Kinda annoyed at her at this point for that, but also looking forward to what Kaname would do when he finds out
    2. Kaname’s position here is kinda vague because he wants to protect Kannon, and he kinda wants to continue Soccer as well, but it might be just because he didn’t want to change other people’s future too much just because of Kannon as it is her wish.
    3. Kaname knows that her memory is coming back to her, because of Kannon’s weird imagination of Nanami (lol S&M)
  3. Himuro’s Weird Attitude
    1. He said that he might like Kannon, and was unsure or maybe sure (Basically really weird because his position just unsure)

男子の為の 男子による 男子のクラブ

  • Side Story Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3133cp/
  • K-kun is obviously Kazuma
  • 桂 (Katsura)’s the captain of the Boys club
  • Boys club teaches people about how to approach girls

ヒロイン様にフラグが立たないその理由 by 逢月

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8860ce/



Bullet Point Summary:

  1. There are 2 characters (MC) who reincarnated into the Otome world. Female MC = Lilia; Male MC = Lancelot
  2. Both MC’s point of view are told simultaneously, once each

First Arc: ランスロット・オルトランド

The MCs meet when Lilia’s dad finds Lance’s mom fainted in the forest, and due to ‘fate’ both parents get together, where Lilia & Lance understand that they both reincarnated through thinking about what to cook in the Hotpot, where ‘Udon’, ‘Soysauce’ and ‘Miso’ pops up. Supposedly, the mother dies due to sickness & Maso (魔素/Magical Element) overdose (because it invades the body), the father dies protecting the family from magical beasts & Maso, and Lilia is near death due to Maso but is saved by Lance’s actual father (Duke) who brings and Elixir for her to drink, bringing Lance back home to take the place as the next Duke, where Lilia is adopted because she has high magical powers. ——-tbc

Second Arc: レゼ・F・エクアシス

Third Arc: アルヴァン・グランドベルグ(Incomplete)

三年目のイリス by 現地 晶

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2690m/


The beginning of the story was very interesting. The MC Iris was brought to the Harem in the Palace even though she was really ugly. However after 2 year, and if the King does not visit her room once then she is allowed to go home. On the last day before her departure, she accidentally breaks the rules by going out of the room during non-permitted hours, and meets the king. The king on that night visits her room, and then realizes after the king goes into her room she has to wait for at least 1 year before she can go home again.

After the king visits Iris’ room trouble happens. She gets harassed because the king visits her room by other girls, and the king for some reason was interested in her and visits her room frequently after that night. You know where this is going.

The beginning was really interesting because the harassment does not get to Iris and her friend/maid, and Iris keeps on arguing with the King that she wants to go home so don’t visit my room! But then afterwards the King gets really possessive and lies to her brother that Iris wants to be her queen and stay with him so Iris’ brother would create a destructive weapon to concur more lands, now THAT gave me a sour taste. I stopped at chapter 50 (well I was just skim reading after that bit anyway), and jumped straight to the end. Iris and her friends planned a coup d’etat and assassination attempt for the king so then she can go home, but that fails and she just succumbs to the king and becomes Queen.

I read some of the reviews on syosetsu.com, and apparently the ending is supposed to be a happy ending (written by the author). IDK how to approach to that though it wasn’t as happy as I wanted or imagined it to be so that was a let down. But letting that go, I was really satisfied with the beginning of the story so ah well hahaha.

居候の剣士と高校生のわたし by 芳賀さこ

Romaji Title: Isorou no Kenshi to Kokousei no Watashi

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5948bq/


「蒼井 空」は高校二年生で、「超」がつくほどのお人好し。そんな彼女の前に一人の青年が現れた。彼の名は「ティエラ・トレス」。異世界の剣士だと言う。独り暮らしの空と元の世界に帰る術がないトレス。二人のちょっぴり甘く奇妙な同居生活の行方は……。

Longer Summary and Review and Spoilers:

Blue haired blue eyed hot fit well built ikemen suddenly appeared in front of Sora’s apartment. Sora (having a good character) brought the ikemen home (apparently she didn’t know that he was an ikemen until the next day) and on the next day, thanks to the “Miracle Stone (Direct translation i think Pendant would sound better than stone but whatever haha)”, Torres (da ikemen) was able to understand Japanese and briefly of the Japanese Culture even though Torres was from another world (オバジーン). Sora believed in Torres’ story since his clothes were very cosplay like as he was a knight and held a real sword, and allows (or urges wink wink) him to stay over at her place since he has no where to go.

The best part of this story would be here, during the period where Torres lives with Sora, solving his “merging with Japanese Society” problems.

  1. Watching TV
  2. First experience riding a bus and going shopping
  3. Going running and Sora realizing that Torres has no sense of direction
  4. Finding a Job
  5. Introducing Torres to her friends and aunt (Her parents died when she was young and she lives by herself because her Aunt travels frequently)

Through all these trials, they develop feelings for each other (obviously with other lovely dovely moments: IE Sora is beautiful…… not you I mean the sky (Sora means Sky in Japanese)).

Torres then gets into an accident and realizes that he is targeted by people from his world. He is backed into a corner where he had to make the decision to go back to his world, and Sora decides to go with him together after confessing. Torres hugs Sora and jumps into the lake together.

They arrive at the other world, where Torres gets Sora a job at the castle cafeteria in the kitchen and continues with his job as the Queen’s Knight. Due to the language barrier, Torres gives Sora the Miracle Stone, and was then kidnapped by a cray cray man who wanted to kill Torres due to his unfortunate background. That man was killed by Torres and Sora (yes Sora took part in the killing waaaaaaaaah now this part I like since she isn’t just a background weeping character). [Didn’t particularly like this bit because of the girls who liked Torres (the Queen, childhood friend who’s a knight and the city girl) were a bit unreasonable esp the queen, and the time spent between Torres and Sora was shortened by a lot. The plot I thought was too focused on Torres and Sora pov wasn’t explored as well]

Either there are inconsistencies in the plot in regards to the Miracle Stone, or perhaps I missed some information in regards to the stone but for some reason even though the stone was broken in the course of the last fight which saved Torres’ life, Sora was still able to understand the language spoken in the other world.


Link To Sequel: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n0557bu/

Basically, the man was reincarnated into a demon called Kanon, and due to demon appearances, he and the castle knights protect the city by killing the Demons, where Kanon accuses Torres for killing his family (in this case, the demons, but he also bared the grudge of his unfortunate background related to Torres’ family). To stop the demons from appearing, Torres throws the Miracle stone (which was broken into 2 pieces and made into a pair ring for Sora’s birthday) into the Fountain of Time (The lake where Torres jumps into to get to Earth and meet Sora in the beginning of the story) and live happily ever after back at earth with Sora on Earth. <– Really brief. I didn’t particularly like the plot. Sora held a really background position.

I love the ending –> Torres decides to throw away everything compared to Sora throwing away everything. Totally approve since Torres can spend more time with Sora at Earth than on the other world 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

どちらが王妃?by kanaria

Romaji: Dochira ga Ouhi?

English Translated Title: Which one is the Queen?

Link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n1021n/



Long Summary, Review, and Spoilers:

This was a really lighthearted story and a nice read. The main character (Mai) was straight forward and there weren’t any deep mental conflicts or huge conflicts at all. Mai was transported to another world with her cousin Mio to (originally) be the concubine and wife of the prince of the human world who will succeed the throne (Thanks to all dem noble girls who just want to be Queen, trying to get the king using drugs etc etc), but 2 people were summoned. The summoning circle originally only needed 1 magician but 36 magicians were used and funnily you can add categories to the summoning circle to fit the prince’s type of girl (oh how convenient lol). Mai realized that the Prince kept staring at Mio and Mio also fell hard by the Prince’s words and demeanor and so they lived happily ever after.

So what happened to Mai (the real MC of the story)? She stayed in the palace for 1 month, got sick and wanted to run away from the rumors that Mio was a stuck up girl and the MC was a better pick as Queen than her, got Magical powers by force by an unknown and persistent voice and was teleported by her servant(s) to the Demon world to marry the Demon King. Apparently the Demon King also did the same summoning spell, but because he didn’t make a summoning circle, Mai went to the Human world rather than the Demon world. And therefore the MC lives happily ever after.

Yeah that’s basically it, with some events in between, like how there’s the war between the East demon kingdom and West demon kingdom (West is where Mai is at), Mai getting attacked at night by jealous girls who wanted to be Queen themselves, Mai being sad about not seeing the king for a few days and realizing her serious lack of talent with the sword and a genius at knife throwing (which becomes her hobby), and Mai being able with all ten magics (and strong at all of them as well total cheat ability) even though the king can only attempt 9 since he can’t deal with light magic since he’s a demon. Oh also the slow (or not really slow) realization that she liked the king. If only these conflicts were blown bigger it could have become a much better story with a lot more depth.

Ironically after Mai left the Human world, nothing was said about Mio or the Human world ever again. I wonder what happened to them lol. Mai also attempted to learn about the Human world when she was there and then realized she totally wasted her time and had to learn about the Demon world (In which also was slightly useless in the story and could have been developed in more depth as well). The side story of how Ashia (one of the Triplets that served Mai in the Human world and Demon world) loved Feldia even though Ashia was 25 and Feldia was 873, nearing the end of his life span. That was so cute. During the main story, Feldia already died and Ashia realized that he was her other half only after he died, but didn’t chase after him with death because Feldia wouldn’t have liked it and the Demon king also urged her not to.

This story really has potential to be re-written with more depth since everything seemed to just be brushed over. Seriously cute where there was a side story where Mai was with the Demon King’s (Gerald. oops forgot to name him) child and was pregnant, where they were just throwing round names with bad naming sense issues, and conflicting about whether it was a girl or boy.